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Abberline is a french consultancy in organization that supports his customers in improving and optimizing their talent value chain through the deployment of made-to-measure solutions : Recruitment, Integration, Engagement and Outplacement.

“In the light of a new socio-technological paradigm where everyone can ask themselves if he or she will be replaced by machines in the close future, we think that it is precise time to put Human in the heart of corporate values.

This is our conviction and the meaning of our actions.” Cédric PICOT

HR Partner, Abberline


Based on your specific needs, at each stage of your organization’s evolution, we bring together two sets of skills to guide your transformation:

The first set consists of a network of experts who have already dealt with your issues in similar contexts. This allows us to implement solutions based on experience and transmission of knowledge. 

The second set consists of a network of start-ups whose innovative solutions make possible the understanding of tomorrow’s stakes with a fresh look.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing yet expecting different results.”




If “Recruitment” and “Respect” start with the same letter, it is definitely not a coincidence to us. It is therefore through simple, honest and direct exchanges that we define together the best professional options on the market.

If “Success” and “Support” start with the same letter, it  (still) is definitely not a coincidence to us. That is why, based on a relationship of trust, we accompany you all along your career to guide you in your best interests.

If this approach suits you, do not hesitate to contact us.


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